DREAM Gets Cozy With New Mystery Man?
February 24, 2657 • by galaxy beat news staff
Is DREAM off the market? Fans of the host were wondering after reportedly spotted kissing a fellow who may not be a complete mystery after all. In a series of shots, DREAM and the man in question have been seen leaving Terminus Business District’s lone holo theater; Aeon Cinemas February 21. Outside of Aeon Cinemas the pair were met by a bevy of fans of the famed host, greeting them before both making off in an unmarked hovervehicle.

The 30-year-old was reportedly seen not too long ago with the man in question. Having a name for himself in the field of medicine, Thane Vidal and DREAM were arm in arm at Wonderland this past Valentine’s day. Doesn’t look as though the often times elusive all-around host, looked out of place while toting a new piece of arm candy.

The pair were seen rolling into the theater, staying for one holofilm showing and a source also told Beat News, “They were hot and heavy on the kissing during intermission.”

Fans who’ve been invested in not only the host’s career, but also her stale love life, can finally give up on former dating rumors that revolved around her long time collaborator Leonard Sparks or Leonard Sparksalas of N0DE studios fame. StarQuest’s host, nor her camp have commented on the images, but this is the first time she’s been spotted getting familiar with another person since rumors weren’t spared of diva antics at the HAUS Vessell capsule collection event.

l to r: Thane Vidal, DREAM
Photos: Courtesy of Beat news, TMV