Finally: DREAM and Yahaahn Riv’is celebrate their Collaboration
September 14, 2656 • by galaxy beat news staff
Long time creative director of DREAM and designer at Haus Vessell, launched their most riveting collaborations to date. In celebration of its release, the media maven and ambitious designer, invited the crème de la crème to a secret venue in Nova Heights. Insiders have reluctantly gathered images of the capsule collection slated for limited release to high end retailers on not only Terminus but in other targeted markets across the system.

DREAM was seen throwing back drinks and mouthing along to “Machine Mind” by Sk’ye Cache. As the crowd danced genteelly amidst servers charming all to offload the last hors d’oeuvres on their trays, and refilling bellies with drinks. The room held elaborative ornamentations in salute to the fashion brands shoot and collaborative aesthetic. Of course walls framed in lighting featured pieces of the collection for display at one end of the room and on some guests.

Late gothic-inspired images, and glam was part of the roll out, including low-cut black fur dresses and hardware hatched accessories for the collection’s pinned look. A source gathered a few words from the designer about the capsule looks. Riv’is said: “This project has been a few years in the making. Starting by studying the darkest times of our revered and beloved holo starlets to our most modern and recent entertainers, have inspired the direction. We took it to another place after working closely with DREAM and the type of legacy she wanted to see left behind.” He kept mum on any future collaborations with a smile.

Out insider made multitude of attempts to get words from the co-collaborator on the project, only to be turned away at first sight. This was a repeat occurrence throughout the night, including a tense exchange with DREAM and another guest as the night seemed to progress. Words were spreading fiercely that a loyal and very close familiar with the entertainer’s late mother, engaged in this exchange. Accusing DREAM of impolite and obscene behavior, reminiscent of Pom Quartz diva antics of the past. Rather be called out for ungracious behavior, the retaliation was having the guest, followed by a few others to be escorted from the venue.

By this point, DREAM had transitioned from one personality, back to the performer followers know her to be as if nothing was amiss. Fans and guests alike following along. Riv’is was later contacted for a questions about the night and incident in question. Both DREAM’s and Riv’is' camp have declined to comment.

l to r: Yahaahn Riv’is, DREAM
Photos: Courtesy of Guezal, HausVESSELL